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YOU! Yes, YOU!

Guy Finley, a truth teacher, recently said to his students in class "YOU are the treasure that you seek."

Wow! Does that idea move you in any way?

As parents, as employees, as friends, we are always seeking things in the outer world that we believe will bring us happiness, peace and contentment.

If WE are the treasure that we seek, then why would we be seeking that treasure in the outside world?

If WE are the treasure that we seek, why am I unaware of it?

Like any other treasure, we have to "dig" for it. And just like any other treasure, we have to persist, often through what feels like perilous and unchartered territory.

What do you feel would be the greatest treasure you could find within yourself?

If you consider the idea that "everywhere you go, you take yourself with you", meaning, you can move to another state, start a new relationship, a new job, etc., but unless there has been true change in your being, nothing will change in those so-called "new" environments,

You will find similar people doing things that you don't like. You will find similar struggles that you had before, whether between you and your employer or between you and a new partner.

So, in that same respect, if you became the world's wealthiest man or woman, what good would that really do if you had to "take yourself with you" in your so-called "new" luxurious lifestyle? Sure, you could certainly buy and experience as many things as possible to keep you distracted from seeing the truth of yourself, but eventually the day will come where something inside you will have to be faced.

What will have to be faced?

The fact that no matter what I give myself, it never truly fulfills me.


Because the treasure isn't something we give ourselves. It is already a part of ourselves. In truth, it is ourselves.

That very treasure is buried within you, within each and every one of us.

I don't know much about the Bible, but I have heard the passage "Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you." As well, "the Kingdom of Heaven is within."

I can only surmise that to mean that what we seek in this world should first be the treasure hidden inside of us, for all else is folly.

What is covering this treasure that seems to make it so difficult for us to easily become aware of it?

It is our own answers to Life that we have been giving ourselves without knowing it.

Your husband says something to you that "rattles your cage." Instantaneously, a part of you knows the answer on how to respond, how to let him know how he made you feel, why he said what he said, etc. It's happens as quickly as the snap of a finger. That's how habitual we have become in giving ourselves our own answers.

Every time we give ourselves our own answers to the moment that disturbs us, we add another layer of "earth" atop of that treasure, burying it even deeper.

What if the treasure that we are actually burying is a certain kingdom within ourselves that holds a "peace that passes all understanding" - an unshakeable peace that no matter what takes place in the outer world, can't be shaken?

Would that be a treasure worth seeking?

Would you want that for your children and for yourself?

If so, work to be as present as possible moment to moment and allow those old answers to come and go. Those old answers, those layers of earth, have to die in order for the treasure to be revealed. Let them die.

Image courtesy of: Pexels

Exercise for the week: See if you can catch yourself giving yourself answers to an unwanted moment. Come back to the present moment immediately and wait until further instruction.

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