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You Are What You Eat

The food that that I'm going to talk about in this blog isn't physical in nature. You may wonder what the heck I mean by that. Well, let's waste no time and delve right in and see what we can "gobble up."

I'll start with an example: Let's say that you shared some information with your husband that you wanted to remain between the two of you. The next evening, some friends are visiting and everyone is enjoying a nice glass of wine together, and all of a sudden out of your husband's mouth comes the information that you shared with him in private the night before. In an unwanted, shocking moment such as that, what psychological food is typically eaten?

Anger? Resentment? Blame? Hatred? The answer is: Junk food.

Doesn't it feel as if we have no choice but to eat that junk food in an unwanted moment such as that? Doesn't it feel as if that junk food is "shoved down our throats" in those moments?

The answer is yes - it does feel that way, but the truth is, we always have a choice in any given moment as to what part of us we choose to feed and with what food.

It sounds weird, doesn't it - the idea that we have different parts of ourselves? We do, and thankfully we do, because if the lower consciousness that we take to be who and what we are was all there was, it would be a very sad state of affairs as you can clearly see portrayed out in the world today. What you see out in the world today is the result of a consciousness feeding itself its own junk food. As such, what you see out in the world is a world void of food that nourishes the soul.

We must learn what it means in any given moment to eat true soul food - food that can make a difference and a true change for us and for this world at large. True soul food is available in any given moment, but we must be present to receive and digest it. And what might even sound stranger to most is that when we agree to be present in the moment (the only place to receive that soul food) there isn't a self named "Terri" there. There is simply an awareness of the present moment. Terri has to be let go of in order for the soul to be fed. Soul food feeds the soul. It doesn't feed Terri.

Nothing changes when we give ourselves our own answers and reasons for an unwanted moment in our lives. Why? Well, how can anything really change if the answers that we continually give ourselves (feed ourselves with), the reasons why we feel the way that we do, are always pulled from (extrapolated from) past experience? Are you able to see how limiting that would be? Nothing new. Just the same ol' negative responses, over and over again.

There exists a higher consciousness that we were always intended to be guided from. A disturbance, an unwanted moment, is the "wake-up" call for us to remember to immediately become present to ourselves so that the automatic, knee-jerk negative responses that we typically give ourselves in those moments (the reasons for the pain), can be observed within us instead of consuming them by way of identifying with them. When we agree to observe those distasteful parts of ourselves instead of consuming them, lo and behold, we find the true soul food that we so crave was there all along. We just needed to sacrifice the temptation to spoil the meal by eating junk food instead.

Here is a prerequisite: We have to see that we are in fact eating junk food that does nothing for our soul before we can stop agreeing to consume it. Plain and Simple. Actually plain, but yet not so simple. :-)

Photo by Henley Design Studio on Unsplash

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