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Whose Side Are You On?

When I was raising my girls, I remember there was always a part of me that didn't want to take a side, you know, where it appeared that you were favoring one child over the other.

Isn't it interesting that something in us wants acceptance and approval more than it wants to do the right thing? But quite honestly, we must always do what is right and true NO MATTER what others, including our children, think of us. That means that we must risk having any relationship in our life on rocky ground or terminated because of negativity and hurt feelings.

I'm not being too strong here.

We compromise ourselves and our children way too often because we listen to what fear tells us will happen if we don't heed its advice. It tells us we can't say what needs to be said in the moment because they will walk away and be angry and perhaps never speak to us again, or we will lose our job or something that we believe we need in order to sustain our life.

Here's some food for consideration:

What if all along the whole point of our life has been to "not take a side", but to simply SEE that something in us always does and wants to - out of fear?

If you really examine your life, you will see that it is made up entirely of one side of something or another. I like this, I don't like that. This is good, that is bad. You are wrong, I am right. There are no exceptions to that. At this level of consciousness, we are simply comprised of one side of an opposite or another.

Take that in context with the current circumstances in the world... Are you "Pro-Vaxx or Anti-Vaxx?" Are you "for mask wearing" or "against mask wearing?" When we live from being identified with an opposite, pain arises when that belief is challenged. In other words, if I am against wearing a mask, there will be pain and resistance when told I must wear one.

So there is this constant battle, this constant turmoil inside us, a continued perpetuation of pain because we simply don't question things. We don't question why we keep fighting to have the last word, why we keep pushing our opinions on others, or why it is so very easy to blame and resent others for the pain that arises in us in the moment. The pain that arises in us in the moment is because we always identify with taking a side. Bottom line.

We take these identified beliefs as being "me", as being "who I am as an individual." Yet, being a true individual means that one is undivided. Taking sides, being identified with them, is the same as being a divided human being, and we will never live a peaceful and content life when we are a divided human being.

So, how do we live a life that doesn't take a side?

We have to learn to live from a different understanding, from a higher part of ourselves. Carl Jung stated it this way: "We will become our opposite if we do not learn to accommodate the opposition within us."

We have to learn to sacrifice the thought-based life the best we are able to, moment to moment. Thought-based life is taking a side because that level of consciousness always feeds us answers to what the unfolding moment means, and that meaning is always comprised of taking a side.

Thought feeds us dialogue such as "She always says things like that just to get my goat." But thought can't know what the moment means or what the intention of another is. Thought pulls meaning, moment to moment, from its very own past content. Isn't that crazy? That's why there is never anything new under the sun. There's only a "rearranging of the furniture", so to speak. at this level of thought-based consciousness.

When we sacrifice that thought-based nature in favor of being present in the moment, we receive answers that are not based in the past. In that sacrifice, there is a transformation that takes place, some call it "a marriage of the opposites - a marriage of the sides." Sacrificing the opposite that arises in the moment of challenge, is the only way to have that part of us be "made whole". There is no way to become a true individual.

It was always intended that we live a life moment to moment in that very way, a continued renewal, a continued sacrifice. Somehow along the way, thought became our guide instead of the present moment and you can clearly see the muck it has made of things by seeing in the outer world what is taking place.

Do you like the world that you are seeing? Do you want your children to live in that world? Well, as difficult as it may be to admit, we have all taken part in the creation of that world.

It doesn't matter how rich you are, you can't buy spiritual transformation, you can't buy the healing of your soul which is the whole point and purpose of your existence on this planet. So, wouldn't your time and effort be better spent in that endeavor, because the only thing we can take with us when we depart this life is that very (whole) healing we agreed to take part in.

Change is always difficult and uncomfortable, but it is absolutely essential in order that this world become a better place.

It's up to you. Each and every one of you.

Let go of "your side". "Your side" is pain. Insisting on holding onto "your side" is karma.

Be on truth's side instead, which really isn't a side at all. It heals. It releases. It frees.

Image courtesy of: Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

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