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What's Going On?

How many of you wake up every day and wonder “what the heck is going on?”

It appears that nobody cares, whether it be about others destroying property, the idea that we don’t need law enforcement, families in distress because of job loss, contradictory information on viruses, the use of masks, Trump is an idiot, the Left has plans to destroy America, on and on it goes.

Today I’m here to ask a particular question. Did something actually change in our world, or could there be something we have been missing all along that would help us understand our part in what is actually going on?

Most of us won’t admit that we play a part in the chaos and corruption that we see taking place in the outer world right now. We can deny it, but it is in fact true, we do play a part - each and every one of us.

We all live from the same collective consciousness. History can only repeat itself at this level when we try to change things from ourselves. I understand that this is contrary to everything that we’ve been taught to believe, but it’s true.

I speak often on this blog about how we mistakenly call the voice in our heads ourselves. That voice is not our True Self. It is a voice that speaks to us from the content of our past.

That voice is there in every moment of our lives disguised as our guiding light. It believes it knows what people should be doing or saying and how they should be acting. It believes it knows how everything should be. Are you familiar with that voice? Have you taken it to be your own?

In an unwanted moment, that part of us pulls information from the past content of itself. Guy Finley recently put it this way: “It’s like driving a car with all your attention on the rear-view mirror…because I know I’ve made the right turn and so I’m looking behind me, and I want to make sure, looking behind me, that everything that’s coming in front of me is understood.”

Sounds crazy when you put it like that, but that’s what we do when we try to change things from ourselves.

That’s why I said that history can only repeat itself when we try to change things from ourselves, because when we try to change things from ourselves, we are taking action while looking behind us, into the past content of ourselves. Nothing new can ever be born into a world while looking back.

Every time there is resistance to what we see or experience in the moment, we get to experience that very thing yet again. When we continue to believe our guidance is found in looking in the past, in the rear-view mirror, Life in its ceaseless mercy, will present us with another opportunity to see things “rightly.”

That’s why karma is really a form of Life’s mercy. It never gives up on us in its effort to wake us up to what’s really going on – that we have been suffering needlessly because we’ve been listening to the wrong guiding light.

If we truly wish to know what is going on in the world, we need to dig deep inside ourselves to know and understand what is going on in our own inner world. We need to see the violence that comes up in us when someone does or say something that we don’t like. We need to see the hatred that comes up in us when things don’t go our way. We need to see just how full of ourselves we are when we judge others for not being like us.

We need to see those things because they are the past content of ourselves that need to be transformed. Those parts of ourselves are always fed to us by the past in those unwanted moments, but they aren’t solutions because they can’t and never have changed things.

We must learn to stand in the ground of the present moment where all new and true answers exist and learn to wait there for instruction. That takes a certain suffering of ourselves.

Just as soldiers go to war and give up their lives for what they believe is freedom for the world, we need to give up our lives as well, by dying to the old parts of us that we keep alive by listening to their wrong guiding light.

Just as we as parents would give up our own physical lives to save our child, we need to give up our psychological lives not just for our child, but for the world itself.

By doing so, little by little, we free ourselves and this world from that wrong guiding light that has bound us since the beginning of time.

Are you that warrior? Do you want a better world for your child? Do you want your child to know wherein their true safety lies? Do you want your child to know of a trust in life that can never be broken?

If so, then the only answer is to agree to pay with the death of your old life as often as you are able to. What you do, your child will learn to do as well.

Die to the part of you that wants to fight with others. Die to the part of you that wants to blame or judge others for not believing what you believe. Die to the part of you that wants to become fearful of what might happen. Suffer yourself. This is the beginning of seeding a new life.

It’s easy to remain blind to it all and to keep blaming and shaming. Who hasn’t had enough of that? It takes a true warrior, a true soldier of truth to actually act on truth by sacrificing what is old and untrue in this world.

Truth will never be found looking through the rear-view mirror because truth is always being revealed in the moment now.

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Exercise for the Week: Work to see how many times you can work to sacrifice an old part of yourself, whether it be with your spouse or your child. Remember, there is no such thing as a small sacrifice.

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