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What is wrong with you???

There's most likely not a single human being who hasn't had that thought come across their mind at one time or another. The thoughts that cross our mind aren't really that original at all, which should actually give us a little clue about them.

I read a recent post on social media that said "Some people just drain the nice right out of you." What is behind a statement such as that? "There's something wrong with you."

There is no substitute for self knowledge. With self knowledge, you can see so many things that underlie statements such as that. Let me share a few things....

First. What is real cannot be drained. So, anything that can be drained, was never real to begin with.

Second. If it's real and it's mine, then why didn't I do anything to stop "the drain" from happening?


Third. Are you able to see blame behind that statement? Are you able to see judgment behind it as well? Blame, because it makes you wrong and me right (in my own eyes). Judgment because it places me above or better than you because I would never be like or do such a thing. (yeah, right).

Know Thyself. Know Thyself. Know Thyself.

Nobody drains anything from anybody. We freely (albeit unconsciously) give our energy to negative parts of ourselves that claim the problem is "out there." Why do we do that? Because it is a very strong past pattern in us. It's easier to point the finger outward instead of repenting by turning around and pointing the finger inward and back onto ourselves. This deep-seated pattern has gone on for eons without being questioned. Talk about the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

No human being is nice or is capable of being so. The niceness we claim about ourselves, always has a string attached to it and that string is always to glorify us in one way or another - to uphold some image we have of ourselves. Basically, we "act" nice because we want something from another.

There exists a living principle of kindness, but it cannot be found here on earth. We can align ourselves with it, with God, Truth, Higher Consciousness (whatever name you wish to give it) in any moment we so choose. That is the only way to bring kindness into this world - to agree to be the instrument of it.

Anyone who glorifies themselves as nice or kind, is fooling themselves. Quite honestly, it is an act of blasphemy.

The whole purpose of the ten commandments wasn't a guide for us to live by. They were established for us to see that we, in and of ourselves, cannot. We then come to see the truth that "no one is good save the father" and then the NEED for that father is born in us.

But we must be honest with ourselves in seeing that we aren't good and just pretend to be. If we are not honest, there is no hope for us.

The only thing wrong with any of us is that we currently prefer "our own" will because it makes us special and right in our own eyes. We can then post things on social media such as what I shared above. It gives us an imaginary sense of being someone special and nice if it weren't for you and what you said or did.

The whole story of the prodigal son is our story. When there was the decision for him to turn around and "go home", that decision included the acceptance of a certain responsibility. Responsibility for what?

Responsibility for seeing that he couldn't have been triggered in any given moment without there being a trigger inside of him. As such, taking responsibility for the reactions that would arise in him in what he was seeing or hearing in any given moment. Because, up to the point of him turning around and heading home, he (albeit unknowingly) allowed those reactions to define him and guide him because he believed those reactions to be who and what he was.

Before repenting, he believed his will to be that of his own.

In taking responsibility for the reactions that arise in us in any given moment, we come to see that the will that we call our own, isn't our will at all. It was never "us" who was judging and pretending to be something special in our own eyes. It was simply a mechanism in us doing what it does when there is no awareness to oversee it.

That is why we need "the Father."

That is why we need patience.

That is why we need to pause before responding to anything.

That is why we need to have our attention first and foremost in any given situation.

Because if we don't, the "what's wrong with you" part of us, will continue to run this world - and what a world that will be for our children. It's really in our own hands because our children learn "finger pointing" and "self-glorification" from us. Perhaps we can show them another way.

Be the living example of allowing the flood of "what's wrong with you" be there in any unwanted moment without responding from it. Wait instead for the higher consciousness to show you what you need to see in that moment about yourself.

That is taking responsibility for "your sins." That is repenting. That is the road home... That is the hope for our children.

...and that is "what is right with you." -- and with all of us.

"When you discover that you cannot know what it is that you are being asked to know, then you will wait to be given the knowledge that can only be given to you from above."

~ Guy Finley

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