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What If...

What if Heaven and Hell aren't places to go?

What if you aren't who you think you are?

What if there really isn't a you and a me?

What if what we call being conscious is really unconsciousness?

What if our idea of loving "another" is really a disguised love of oneself?

What if taking the easy way only perpetuates the hard way?

What if the disturbances in our lives don't come to disturb us but have a higher purpose?

What if I'm not here on this planet to glorify myself as someone special?

What if fighting with anyone or anything simply perpetuates the need to fight?

What if the voice that we hear in our heads isn't our voice at all?

What if we don't only live once?

What if there is no such thing as "good" or "bad?"

What if the outer world is not the only world that exists?

What if I really don't know anything at all?

What if we really can't do anything at all, but only believe that we can?

What if everything that we've been told about this world is UPSIDE DOWN ?

What would that mean?

Could it mean that we've been living a lie?

And if everything is really upside down, then could it mean that living from the current level of life on this earth is hell?

And if living from the current level of life on earth is hell (and not a place to go), then could it mean that heaven is not a place to go either, but simply relationship with another (higher) world ....

After all, the Kingdom of Heaven is within and our Father's Kingdom has many mansions.

Photo by <a href="">James Lee</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

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