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What do you really want?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Have you ever truly asked yourself “What do I really want (in my life)?”

I remember when my children were younger and I was wondering about life and how it felt as if something else was making choices for me. It felt as if my ancestors had laid a groundwork for life that I simply adopted without even the bat of an eye, without even considering anything besides what I was “told” what it was I needed to do in order to be a happy human being.

You know….. get married, have kids, get a good job, buy a nice house. Those were things that you just simply did without question.

But perhaps underneath all of our borrowed ideas of what we were told would make us happy in this world lies a different truth.

Perhaps underneath the drive to earn a lot of money, lies a wish to simply be content.

Perhaps underneath the desire to get married and start a family, lies a wish to know more about Love and relationship.

Perhaps underneath a desire for friendship, lies a wish to understand companionship and trust.

There isn’t one thing in this world (at this level of consciousness) that can give us the true contentment, love, relationship and trust that our hearts long for. This world is a temporary one, and how can what is temporary provide us with any form of permanence?

In and of ourselves, we can only “mimic” principles at this level of life – that’s all the lower consciousness can do.

We mimic contentment by doing the things we believe will provide that contentment. But if that were a true form of contentment, it couldn’t go by the wayside when events seem to change the circumstances that we find ourselves in.

We mimic real Love and relationship believing that it can be found in another. But if that were a true form of Love and relationship, it couldn’t go by the wayside the moment “another” expresses a desire to no longer want us as a part of their life.

We mimic the idea of trust believing that we can trust in another. But if that were a true form of trust, it couldn’t be broken when our expectations we have for another are shattered.

There is only one place that we can find true contentment, trust, Love and relationship, and that is by living in the present moment. When living in the present moment, we are “in” this world but not “of” it. When we are present to ourselves, we are aligned with a higher level of consciousness that can’t harm itself or others. That higher level of consciousness is the only space where all true principles exist.

The present moment contains true contentment, what we really want in Life, because it is a whole and complete moment that is void of a self that needs anything. The moment fulfills itself when we agree to enter into it and allow something higher to be in control and direct. Perfect contentment.

The present moment contains real Love and real relationship, what we really want in Life, because in agreeing to be present, we invite real Love (a higher, true form of it) to guide us as to what action, if any, should be taken. In that agreement, we enter into perfect relationship because we are no longer acting from old, harmful parts of ourselves that only know to reincarnate themselves and harm others. Instead, we have given ourselves up for the sake of something higher and in return something new comes out of that equation. Perfect love, perfect relationship, casts out fear.

The present moment contains real Trust, what we really want in Life, because when we agree to be fully present in the moment, we understand that we are, without fail, ceaselessly being given our lessons that we need for our further development. Nothing can stop that process. Spiritual law is 100% trustworthy. It never gives up on us. Perfect trust.

We can’t know the truth of what I’m saying here until we find out for ourselves by sacrificing the old parts of us in any given moment that want to continue to be our source of trust, love and contentment. They have to go. They have to die.

When we learn to observe ourselves and what thoughts and feelings are moving through us in each and every moment, we will see just how unloving and distrusting those old parts of us that we’ve been living from really are. We will then see what we once called contentment is truly a disguised discontent.

And with that understanding, we can then ask ourselves what it is we truly want. We can help our children learn to reach deeply within themselves so they don’t simply lead a repetitive life. A repetitive life goes nowhere.

Help your child realize that they always have a choice in each and every moment to choose something new or the repetitive life will automatically choose for the repetition of itself.

They will then soon find that choosing something new is what they have always really wanted, as will you.

Image courtesy of: Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

Exercise for the week: See if you can see any of the truths that I have laid out above, whether it be a “turn” in a relationship with your spouse or child or a so-called “broken” trust from what you considered a friend. See if you can “feel” the darkness in that moment of that part of you that is pointing its finger at others with convincing trust in abiding in its guidance.

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