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The Improbable Possibility

A person said to me “You know, the ideas you present here are pretty far-fetched.” I had to look up the meaning of “far-fetched” because I had an idea about what it meant, but wanted some clarification. There were two definitions that I came across:

· Brought from a remote time or place

· Improbable

Now to me, those could be considered two entirely different definitions.

It was interesting to me that she had that response. When I first came upon these ideas, they didn’t seem improbable to me at all. The truth that is laden through these ideas resonated with the part of me that was able to recognize that truth – perhaps they are really one and the same thing.

I understand that we all come into this world at different levels of spiritual understanding. That is just how it is. The creation of this blog was strictly for the purpose of putting the information out there for those who it might resonate with at this time on the planet.

These ideas are in fact brought from a remote time. They come from that which is Timeless, and that which is Timeless is not distant from us, but rather as close as our very breath.

A good question I posed to this person was “How do you feel your life and this world as a whole is doing with the current understanding that governs it? Do you think it is an understanding that works and benefits all? Is it an understanding that ceaselessly is creating a better world for all, or do you see more separation and destructiveness taking place living from that understanding?

We all deep down know the answer to those questions that were posed. The problem is there is just this instantaneous dismissal of anything that seems “improbable” to our current nature. Instead of wanting to investigate the probability and possibility of something new that could truly change this world, there is just an immediate resistance to anything that seems radically different than the social norm.

That dismissal isn’t a person dismissing these ideas, as odd as that may sound. That dismissal is an unconscious dismissal by the time nature, the past, that doesn’t want to have anything to do with newness because it’s oldness would have to die. New and old can’t coexist in the same moment.

I belong to a truth school, The Life of Learning Foundation, and when you hear people get up to speak about negative characteristics that they see in themselves, it is clear that those very things were hand-me-down characteristics, whether from parents, the community, their church, their peers.

The key thing to understand is that we don’t give those characteristics ourselves. When we aren’t fully aware of ourselves or to what is speaking to us in the moment, those characteristics just unconsciously become a part of our nature, a certain form of osmosis you could say.

As such, it becomes very clear that without an awareness of the moment, every generation will just keep producing copies of itself, and not only continued copies of itself, but those copies will be more pronounced.

What I mean by that is those negative characteristics when not understood and transcended, keep perpetuating themselves. In that perpetuation, the energy of them become more pronounced. Anger becomes more pronounced. Rage becomes more pronounced. Blame and punishment of others becomes more pronounced to where our world, left attended without something new, will become (and currently is) a giant battlefield of me against you.

Do you want to live in that kind of a world? Do you want that kind of world for your children?

I will take the liberty and speak for everyone. No, we don’t. If we don’t want that kind of world for our children, we have to work to open ourselves up to something that may seem improbable to our nature, but really is very possible to be received by a right part of ourselves if we open our hearts and avail ourselves to it.

A good question to ask ourselves might be “Could the very reason why this world is so out of order be because the very understanding we are living from and were inculcated with is what is out of order and has remained that way because it never gets questioned.

It’s time to question things and realize that there are answers to what ails us, but those answers aren’t answers we can give ourselves. They come from a remote time and place that can only be found by entering into an awareness of the present moment.

Image courtesy of: Photo by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels

Exercise for the week: Ask your child if they would be willing to take a day and “do the opposite” of what they typically would do. For example, if they would typically argue with a sibling, ask if they would choose instead to suffer that part of them that wishes to argue.

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