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The Gift of Creating

If you observe children early in life, you can see certain things that they are drawn to. Some children are drawn to mechanical gadgets. Some are drawn to coloring, painting. Some are drawn to simply being the leader of others.

The one thing we all have in common is that we have all been endowed with the ability to create whatever we bring our mind to, whatever we imagine and want to manifest in our time here on earth. That creation will, in fact, appear, in one form or another because that is the gift of being a creator.

However, what we don’t understand about that principle of creation is the other side of it. That very same principle holds true with regard to negative thoughts and feelings about things that we don’t want in our lives. For example, let’s say our attention is constantly on worrying about our financial situation or worrying about our health. When our attention is placed on those things, it guarantees that we will manifest the very thing that we believe we don’t want.

Our attention is key here because it gives rise to manifestation, and that manifestation to our experience of it.

For the purpose of questioning things as we do on this blog, who or what is placing our attention on something that we don’t want? Would we honestly do that to ourselves? Absolutely not, but if it’s not us, who or what is it?

Have you ever noticed that? Our attention is always placed on something we don’t want that brings up resistance in us – resistance to that very thing. I can be sitting in my living room, and all of a sudden, my attention is placed on how the drapes aren’t closed perfectly (as I wish them to be). My attention is placed on a picture that is hanging slightly crooked. When with others, my attention is placed on the very thing that they are doing or saying that I don’t want them to be doing or saying. Isn’t that fascinating?

If you can make the leap with me and have been following my blog, I hope you can see that what is placing my attention on those things that I don’t want is “the eyes of the past”. The past is also a principle, just as creation is. It currently owns our attention because we have never questioned it, we’ve only unconsciously given our life over to it.

The past places our attention on what we don’t want, because IT wants us to have a resistant reaction. That resistant reaction, if left unattended, is the perpetuation of the past. The past NEEDS the resistant reaction to the moment to perpetuate itself. That’s how the past becomes the future and things don’t change. How crazy is that? The focused attention that is placed on the not wanting of anything is how the past keeps manifesting itself over and over again.

I hope that’s not too deep to understand. It’s so vital to see and understand the laws and principles that govern this world.

What a gift we could give our children if we could teach them the utmost importance of owning their own attention. This starts at home. This starts early in their life. The longer they go without working with it, the more difficult it will be for them. Just see for yourselves. How long are you able to sustain being present and not caught up in thought? Not long. We are all the same. It is a challenge but a challenge we must face as warriors.

Take the time to make sure your child always follows through with instruction, not sometimes, always and no matter what. If they are working on, let’s say, a painting project and in the middle of that project they walk off to do something else, guide them back to the project and share with them the importance of finishing what they started.

There are no words to express the importance of owning our own attention. It literally is everything.

Although we were given the gift of being creators, we are first and foremost a creation. That is an important thing to understand because that means the ultimate creator, that which is above us, has the power and authority over us. That’s why nothing else works other than wanting what Life wants because it is the absolute authority over our own wants.

So go ahead and create something that you wish to create in this world. Do it with the understanding that when Life comes (and it will because its law) and brings you that unwanted moment where your creation is threatened or taken away, see what Life wants you to see in that moment about yourself, and allow Life to do what it does best – carry you to your next experience.

Exercise for the Week: The exercise is inherent in the paragraph above starting with “Take the time…”

Image Courtesy of: Sharon McCutcheon

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