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Poof! Be gone...

Wouldn't it be cool if we had something in us that could just say "Poof!" and our problems would "be gone"? I'm sure many of us would also like a "poof-be-gone" for people as well, and that is truly unfortunate, because that wish is due to a single misunderstanding.

What if I told you that each and every one of us has a "Poof-Be-Gone" built within us for the use with every so-called problem with any person, place and thing in our life.

However, the real problem is, that when people hear this, they become very excited and hopeful, but when they work to truly use the ideas in order to find out the truth in and for themselves in their own lives, they don't want to follow through. In other words, it's easier to continue to feel anxious, frustrated, resentful, angry and afraid than it is to do the interior work needed to rise above that false negativity.

It's easier to inwardly smile when you see something bad happen to someone you believe deserves it, then it is to stand in the presence of that part of you that feels it knows what it knows about that moment and how deserved "they" are, and to feel it fully, to taste it fully so that you can come to understand that that very inward smile is actually a hidden pain that you are in fact the recipient of first and foremost.

What if you actually knew that? What if you actually knew that every wish of ill-will toward "another" (person, place or thing) was a secret wish back onto yourself of added pain? Would that make a difference in your wish to understand what is actually taking place when those parts of you act from that ill will?

Just like everything else in this world, the "cause" of anything must first be addressed before any "effect" can change.

So, in this case, what is the cause that results in ill-will, anger, blame, resentment, being directed at others? That is what we need to look at because if we can "catch the cause", then the effect will be something entirely different, something entirely new.

When you listen to the news, you can hear two completely different accounts of an event, depending on what station you are tuned into. And in the same regard, you can have five witnesses to an accident that all have different accounts of it.

How is that possible?

Because we listen to a part of our mind (a wrong part) tell us what everything means in any given moment. And when we listen to that wrong part of our mind, nothing in this world is consistent. Nothing in this world makes sense. I like you one minute and hate you the next.

The part of ourselves that always points the finger outward as being the culprit of the pain that arises in us IS the very cause of what's wrong with us and with this world as a whole. It is the "cause" of all disharmony, all separation and all harm in this world, because unbeknownst to most, any act of resistance actually results in "Poof! Be Here - Remain Here." Meaning, My very wish that "you" be gone, or any so-called problem be gone, is actually a secret wish for it to remain in our life. Resist not evil is a spiritual law and fact. Do not oppose what opposes you (for you are praying for it to remain in your life).

We can learn to become a certain private investigator of ourselves and watch closely for those parts to arise in us that always knows what the moment means, why he or she did or didn't do that, why things are the way they are. That is the real "Poof! Be Gone" part of us that does the magic, the conscious observer, because if we can observe that part of us and not do its bidding, we are then given real understanding in that moment that will change not only us but the world at large.

Imagine what you child's life could become if they were to become little private investigators always investigating parts of themselves that want to harm others as well as themselves. They would see the useless wish of "Poof! Be Gone" as the useless and harmful thought it is. They would be constantly be made into something truly new in agreeing to let those old painful parts fall away.

Photo by Lorenz Hoffmann on Unsplash

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