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"Mine, Mine, Mine!"

How many times have you heard children exclaim “That’s mine!”

Possession is an interesting thing, because if we really look at the subject, do we truly “own” anything? If we can’t take it with us when we leave this earth, do we really own it?

We call our children “ours”, and in a certain respect that is true. We are responsible to them through their age of majority if we agree to bring them into this world. But did we create our bodies? Did we create the biological process that makes the birth of a child occur?

Certainly no, and so rightly we could say that our children (all of us essentially) are created from something higher, beyond this world. And to take that idea even a step further, it would mean that anything that is created in this life, as in a business, etc, isn’t really created by “us”, individually, per se, as well. We are living instruments with the ability to bring forth creation through us, from above us.

In other words, we are creations first, endowed with the ability to create through the creator.

This is contrary to what the world believes to be true. We want to take credit for everything – Guy Finley calls it “making a self out of everything.”

Until truth is placed first in our lives, the world will always be upside down. No creation can create without the creator.

What I’m working to express here is that nothing is really “mine” here on this earth. We do own things that have our names on it, but underneath it all, we own nothing. We possess nothing, until we possess our souls.

A wise man (Vernon Howard) once said “It is wise to seek immortality, for time defeats all other ambition.” Seek immortality? Why? Well perhaps because that is the one and only thing we CAN take with us…

So how does one seek immortality?

The whole purpose of my blog is to help parents raise children who do just that. Meaning, by working with our children in teaching them how to be present, working to wait in all moments for guidance from above and allowing the past parts of themselves to die, that is the path to seeking immortality because we cease to create “time” when we are simply being present.

When we agree to die to, let the old parts of ourselves go, the result of that conscious effort IS what we will take with us when we leave this earth. It is the ONLY thing we can take with us.

Thought is time, and time is the prison, as weird as that may sound.

When we are truly present in the moment, we are aligned with a Timeless Immortal nature that we are not apart from.

Little by little as our children come to understand this information, the “mine, mine, mine” will naturally be reconsidered. Meaning, when some possession is taken away from them (and spiritual law will guarantee that that will always happen), they will not only remember that nothing is truly theirs, but that Life is always showing them something about themselves in those unwanted moments and if agreed to be seen, they will be given more than what has been taken away.

How beautiful is that? Who would then consciously agree to hold on to anything if it were understood that Life is and has always been trying to give us something more? And by anything, I mean physical possessions, anger, resentment, guilt, and the like.

Teach your children the art of letting go which is the same as helping them see the pain in holding on to anything. And the more we let go, the more we will be given to see our true immortal timeless nature.

Without the fear of death, our children (and ourselves) would learn what it truly means to live.

Image courtesy of: Tania Dimas on Pixabay

Exercise for the week: When an event occurs wherein something you “possessed” was taken away, share with your child the art of letting go of all the thoughts and feelings that arose from that event and how all things come and go in this world.

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