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Love Story

Many of you may be too young to remember Andy Williams song “Love Story”. The beginning lyrics are as follows:

“Where do I begin, to tell the story of how great a love can be. The sweet love story that is older than the sea. The simple truth about the love she brings to me…where do I start?”

I used to love listening to that song, and of course, the song implies a love that we believe we have for another, whether it be for our spouse, partner, child or best friend.

Have you ever considered what inside of you yearns for a certain “joining” with another – a certain type of merging? This yearning to merge is within each and every one of us – we come into the world with it. What we want to question here is, could there be a deeper meaning behind this urge to merge that is possibly disguised as being fulfilled through the love for another?

I can honestly say that there is a deeper meaning. The love we find in another here on this earth is a limited form of Love, as difficult as that may be to hear. It is a form of Love, but not a whole and complete Love. That form of love will never truly fulfill the yearning that is deep inside ourselves because it can’t, no matter how great the relationship.

The yearning that is in each and every one of our hearts, is a yearning to merge with a higher part of ourselves. That merging can’t be found and fulfilled within the same level of consciousness.

If you look at a tree, you see a tree. It has a trunk, branches and leaves. However, there is a major root system that is located beneath the ground that is part of the tree as well. So the whole of the tree is both the root system and the tree that is above the ground. Guy Finley, a truth teacher, recently used this very example in a recent talk of his.

Using the above analogy, the merging I am speaking about can’t take place within the root system of the tree alone, at the level of consciousness that we call ourselves.

The yearning in our hearts is to merge the root system with the tree that is above the ground (so to speak). The yearning to merge is for what is below to merge with what is above – to see the WHOLE of the moment and not just through the eyes of a part. That is the only true fulfillment that can satisfy this innate urge to merge.

We can use our relationships as they were intended to be used for this very purpose. How do we do that?

Here comes a moment when our spouse or child doesn’t do what we have asked of them. In that unwanted moment, the root system within ourselves (also known as the dark of ourselves), speaks to us and tells us how to reconcile the moment of disturbance that has arisen in us.

That root system of ourselves wants to remain a root system. It has no interest in seeing that it is incomplete and only half of the equation. It is impossible for half an equation to solve the other half of an equation. The other half of the equation can only be revealed by a higher level of consciousness. Only a merging with the other half of the equation can solve the equation.

So our task is to remain in that unwanted moment, as still as possible so as to allow the disturbance in that root system of ourselves (the old, dark part of ourselves) to come and go, pass through us, as it was intended to.

If there is an allowance of that to take place, there is an automatic merging of the root system (what is below) with the tree (what is above), a true fulfillment of the whole of the moment.

There is then a satisfaction and unification of our urge to merge, because we have allowed a higher consciousness to do the merging. We have agreed to die to the lower part of ourselves that we have always previously allowed to “get in the way” of that natural process.

This merging is intended to take place moment to moment in our lives. All of our relationships are intended to be used for this very purpose. It is the true meaning of a Love Story older than the sea….a simple truth of the love “she” (truth) brings to me.

This love never fails, never gives up on us, never judges or measures us. It persists in providing us opportunity after opportunity, moment to moment. to die to what Love isn’t, by showing us that we are all a part of a complete and whole Greater Love – a greater Love Story.

However, we need to remain in the moment of the disturbance in order to have that beautiful Love Story read to us, and that takes our undivided attention.

What else could be more important than realizing this Divine gift? Let’s ask ourselves that, because if we believe that our True Love Story is found at this level of consciousness, we will never come know of it.

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Exercise for the week: See if you are able to remain in an unwanted moment for even a moment longer than you normally would, without saying or doing anything. Don’t resist. Bear yourself.

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