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Leave Me Alone!

Three famous words we often hear from children, actually, from we big kids as well!

Leave. me. alone!

What do those three words mean?

"You are bothering me so I want you to go away."

...and since the world rarely questions things such as "what is really getting bothered", pretty soon everyone will simply live in their tiny little bubble of a world, away from other people, believing that the environment they are creating is a "bother-free" zone.

No such place exists and thank God for that, because being bothered, getting "triggered" is our only hope for change in this world.

Headaches, body aches and fever are triggered to alert us that we are getting sick and need to take care of ourselves. We twist our ankle and pain is triggered to alert us to not put weight on that foot. Yawning and heavy eyes are triggered when we are tired and need rest.

Those that I just mentioned are all helpful, healing triggers, so why would it be any different when it comes to psychological triggers? It's not any different, it just something that has been left unquestioned.

Triggers (being bothered by something) are an integral part of the psychological healing process. We all have "junk in our trunk" that we are unaware of, and the only way we can become aware of that "junk" is to have it brought to the surface for us to see by way of it being triggered in us. There is no other way. It is a beautiful universal design.

So many marriages, relationships between siblings and friends have been destroyed believing otherwise - believing in the old borrowed idea that "you" hurt "me."

Do you blame your foot for reminding you to stay off of it so it can heal? Do you blame the headache and body aches for letting you know that you are sick? Certainly not. But when it comes to the psychological pain that is triggered in us by others, there is just instantaneous blame of others as being the cause of it.

These old borrowed beliefs are very difficult to turn around, but they can be turned around through moment to moment effort. For a long time, those old parts of us default into blaming others for the pain we are in in that moment. However, the more we see that instantaneous blame taking place, the more we become aware of its duplicitous action, and eventually that awareness will go before us in the moment to remind us of how that mechanism in us harms us and others. Guy Finley, a truth teacher, often says "do you have to think about setting down a hot skillet that you picked up?" That pertains to the "hot skillet" of blame.

The only way we can "see" the psychological parts of us that another has triggered is to work as best we are able to in the moment of the trigger to keep and sustain our attention in the present moment. Vernon Howard said it this way: "Attend to the wound and not the wounder." 100% yes. Anything else, just perpetuates and strengthens the wound.

I know this information doesn't resonate with the masses, but for whom it does, sharing this information with young children when the moment calls for it and in words and ideas they can understand, will truly transform the wound of unconscious blame in all. That is how we help this world.

It matters not that the numbers are small, because the power of the heart reaches and transforms many. It is one consciousness that we all share - that's a fact.

Through our inner work, the 3 words above can be changed to "leave me all-one".

What does that mean?

"All-one" means that I wish to remain in and with the moment of disturbance so that something higher can heal the psychological part that has been triggered. If we agree to do that, we are then made "whole and complete - all one." Right order. Right authority. Top to bottom. Perfect Alignment. End of Karma.

I don't know about you, but I truly wish to leave this world a better place than I came into it with. The only way to do that is to stop doing what we have been doing all along and let something higher do the healing and guiding.

Image courtesy of: Pixabay on Pexels

Exercise for the week: See if you can catch the part of you that wants to blame your spouse, your child, your best friend for something instead of tending to the wound itself.

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