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It's All Fun & Games Until....

It's all fun and games until....

....until you say that thing that drives me crazy

....until you don't do what I have asked you to do

....until you don't agree with me

....until you start getting more attention than me

....until you accuse me of something

....until you stop being what I want you to be

The list is endless. The very interesting thing is that we could ask a person for a list, a list of things that they demand of us that we could "follow" so as to not upset them. The problem is, we are very much like "Sybil" wherein we have multiple personalities. And so, the personality in the moment that is asked to make that list, will have a different list than the next personality that arises in them. These personalities don't know and aren't aware of each other and each of them holds hidden demands.

You might think that sounds crazy, but you have to see the truth of it yourself in your own life. One minute you are happy-go-lucky and then the next, a raving angry lunatic. Just like that! And all supposedly because SOMEONE did something or life did something that went against your hidden list of demands. Because that's all that ever happens - we implode when our hidden demands aren't met. We are all the same - this applies to everyone.

Here's a certain confirmation of that. If I was aware of the many hidden demands in myself, would I choose to hurt myself with the energy of a negative reaction when somebody did something that I didn't like?

Negative reactions are harmful. They are harmful not only to the body itself, but most importantly, they are harmful to the collective consciousness as a whole. When we agree to "be" the negative reaction, we teach our kids to do the same. We unknowingly teach our kids how to add pain to themselves and to this world.

The world teaches that we should express these negative feelings and as well, that they should be validated, when that couldn't be further from the truth. Where in the world did we come up with the idea that validating negativity was a good idea? And that is why you see the world out there that you do.

It can be different for anyone who wishes it to be so. If you are one who wishes that it be different for you and your children, then work to be the witness of the reaction instead of allowing it to fully manifest in you. Don't suppress it because that is the same as expressing it. Another way of saying it is to "suffer yourself." Meaning, be the observer of the part of you that wants to "let someone have it". Allow it to be there, in your awareness, without taking action from it. Wait instead for the energy of that demand to pass through you, which it will if it is left untouched.

In my book, "The Day I Gave Mad Away", I used clouds passing through the sky as an example. There will be pain in that allowance, but the pain is being used properly for something new, vs. improperly for the proliferation of the old.

I hope that makes sense. Just as there is pain when a new life is being born from a mother, there is pain when something new is being born in us.

And just as in the birth of a child, there is no greater joy.

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