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It's All About Me

The hidden truth about human nature is that "it's all about me." Many people point the finger at others and say "narcissist", never once seeing that each and every one of us is completely self-centered. Anytime we point the finger outward accusing others of something, at the very same time, there is a hidden finger pointing back onto ourself that one can't see because they are blind in that moment.

Yes. Blind.

One has to really study themselves, know themselves, observe themselves and their motives for doing and saying everything. If we do that, what will we see? It's all about me and it's all about what I want from you.

I know that is a difficult pill to swallow, but we must admit that truth or nothing will ever change for us or this world. For those of you who are scripture-oriented "No one is good save the father" comes to mind. If we believe we are good (and God knows there's a sickening amount of social media posts glorifying the self), then there will never be "room at the inn" for anything higher to live our lives for us, with us.

Some may say that that is no concern to them. So be it, because they will be the ones who are missing out on an extraordinary life and the possibility to become a true human being.

We really have to study our motives. When someone is sharing their experience of their recent vacation, why do we jump in the conversation and start sharing something about our own vacation or the fact that we, as well, have been to the same or similar vacation spot? Why can't we simply allow that person to share their experience with us without any interference on our part? Because it is in our nature for it to be "all about me."

Why do we say yes to something that we really want to say no to? Because if I say no, you might be mad at me, turn your back on me, withdraw your friendship from me. Self concern. Me. Me. Me.

Why does a parent acquiesce to a child's rude demands? Because they don't want to experience what will happen if they don't. Again, self concern. Me. Me. Me.

Have you ever manipulated a conversation by making a certain indirect comment with the intention of wanting someone to start speaking about that topic so you could add your opinion? Can you see the "Me Me Me, it's all about me" in that?

Or, how about "fishing for a compliment"?? We have all done that. Me. Me. Me.

The list is endless, but we have to see it for ourselves within ourselves.

Here are just a few ways to sacrifice our Me Me Me nature:

  • When you are having a conversation with your children at dinner or wherever, make sure that whoever is speaking is allowed to completely finish speaking before anyone else can speak. Inserting ourselves in the middle of someone speaking is that Me Me Me nature.

  • Do something that you really don't want to do. For example, the line at the grocery store is very long. Allow someone to go in front of you. Or, strike up a conversation with someone that you don't particularly care for.

  • When a friend is sharing something with you, don't bring the conversation back onto yourself. Instead, ask them more about what they are sharing with you.

  • Refrain from posting things on social media that draw attention to yourself in any way.

I saw a social media post recently that said "If you can lie down at night knowing in your heart that you made someone's day just a little bit better, you know you had a good day." Now that seems like a selfless quote to post initially, right? Well, if what I did was truly something good and it did "appear" to make someone's day a little better, why do I need to talk about it afterwards by posting a post about it or talking about it period? Because it points back to "me." The limelight is back on me.

If I was an instrument of goodness in that moment, goodness itself has humility and needs no outside validation or confirmation of sorts. Goodness doesn't glorify itself in any way, shape for form.

It's difficult sometimes to see deep truths, but if we have a wish to do so, it will be shown.

Photo by De'Andre Bush on Unsplash

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