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"I Don't Feel Like It"

How many times have we have heard those five words come out of your child's mouth? How about from yourself (inwardly or outwardly)? How often do those words and their accompanying sensation fill us each day?

If any of us want to see a different world out there and be a different kind of human being, we really need to face a few truthful facts. We must be willing to entertain new ideas that might seem very contrary to our current set of beliefs.

Fact #1. If it truly is "we" who wish to do something and the time comes to do it, why would we not just do it? What is it that is there in those moments that is antithetical to what I wish to do - that pulls out all the punches and wants to keep me from doing what I wanted and intended to do? How could that be me if I really want or intend to do something?

It can't be, and it isn't. That's a fact.

Fact #2. If it's not me who doesn't feel like it, then who or what is it? It's a part of our consciousness that arises to meet the moment in order to keep us from realizing our highest potential.

It is a negative part of us that we have believed to be the truth of who and what were are, but it isn't. That's a fact.

Fact #3. We need to see that the negative part in us that doesn't feel like it, always has a host of excuses for the way it feels. Those host of excuses are all pulled from the content of the past, the known.

Nothing "known" can ever be new or bring anything new into the moment. That's a fact.

Fact #4. Aren't we filled with a negative sensation when we identify with that voice that says "I don't feel like it"? There is a part of us that actually likes to feel sorry for itself and to feel down and defeated. Difficult to admit, but....

That's a fact. It is a psychological law that no one can be given anything that they don't really want.

Fact #5. We don't "change our minds" in those moments like we think we do. Our minds are changed FOR us, AGAINST us, against our initial intention.

That's a fact.

As parents, we can help our children by being an example for them. We can watch for those defeated parts that want to claim our life, and instead, go against them by doing what we don't feeling like doing - which ironically, is actually doing what we intended to do all along.

In other words, if we say we want to clean out the refrigerator and the time comes to do it, there will always be that negative part that will arise with reasons why we "don't need to do it now", or why we "could be doing something more fun or anything else but this.", etc. Those negative parts will always arise and we need to go against them by doing what we intended to do. Why? Because the more we listen and agree to those wrong parts of ourselves, the more difficult it becomes to honor any of our intentions.

If you help your children with this understanding, they will learn that anything in them that wants them to feel defeated, inferior, not up to the task, too tired, too stressed, isn't something that is for their greater good, and in that understanding, they will effortlessly go against that part of themselves and fulfill their original intention.

In fulfilling their every intention, wouldn't they then become unstoppable in Life?

Yes they would, and that's a fact.

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