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I Don't Feel Like It

How much of your life do you give over to those 5 words?

We have an intention to clean the house and then when the time comes to do it, we suddenly don't feel like it and so we call a friend to chat instead. We have an intention to make a nice meal for our family, but when the time comes, we suddenly don't feel like it and so we order out. We get a new gym membership but when the time comes to work out, we don't feel like it, so we watch a movie instead.

Here is a question that we must ask ourselves: "If it is our intention to do something, why would we go against that very intention?" A popular response you might say is "I changed my mind." But did you really?- - or was your mind changed FOR you?

It's quite extraordinary really if you start to observe yourself. You see some astounding things, one of which is the fact that we all have different little personalities buried deep within ourselves and those little personalities pop up moment to moment. So, if you are wiling to see it, one personality "pops-up" in one moment and says "I'm going to make the kids their favorite meal this evening." Later, when the time comes to start making the meal, a different little personality "pops-up" and says "Oh, I don't feel like cooking, I'm going to order out instead." It appears that we have simply changed our minds.

What is important to see and understand is that the little personality that pops-up in that moment (using your voice) claiming that it doesn't feel like making the kid's favorite dinner after all, is, what Guy Finley (a truth teacher) calls "the intimate enemy."

Thoughts are always playing on the screen of our minds as I have reiterated numerous times throughout my blog. They are intended to be observed and not "served." When I say "not served", I mean we are supposed to watch them come and go and not agree to do their bidding. When we agree to do thought's bidding, over time, we come to believe that voice in our head to be our own. We then instantaneously listen to it as our God and guide. When that takes place, we compromise ourselves and everyone else in this world.

It was not intended that we live our lives identified with thought after thought. It was intended that we live our lives being consistently aware of thoughts as they are moving through us so that in that agreement to allow them to move through, we are then given instruction from higher guidance as to action, if any, to take in the moment.

A great way to work with this idea is to use an exercise that Guy Finley (a truth teacher) once gave us - which is to "go against the thought-identified parts of yourself." Meaning, you have an intention to make your kids their favorite meal. The time comes and the personality that arises in that moment doesn't want to make that dinner. To go against that personality, that identified part of yourself, means to make that dinner as originally intended, no matter how that personality is feeling in that moment.

Think about how many times a day we have the opportunity to go against ourselves. It's not the easiest thing in the world to do, but it's the only thing that will help us in transcending old borrowed parts of ourselves. It's the only thing that will bring anything new and true into this world. For something new to be born, something old has to die.

In agreeing to go against those parts of ourselves allows the energy in that moment to be used properly and not wasted through unconscious identification. YOU benefit. The WORLD benefits. Life itself benefits.

Image courtesy of: Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

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