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Some of us grow up with our grandparents and cousins being a part of our lives. Some of us don't. I did, and am very happy that I did, but it really doesn't matter because we all grow up in an environment that is perfect for our possibility to transcend old parts of ourselves no matter what the environment we grow up in.

I love to look at the idea of generations, our ancestors down the line. Even though they are not physically with us now, parts of them surely are. Did you know that the way your father pulls at his chin whiskers, is possibly the same way that some ancestor down the line did the same thing in the same way?

How can that be?

As a parent, if one is attentive, we see that our child absorbs everything in its environment. The morphing of his or her face when he gets mad, resembles either an older sibling or the parent. The words that come of his or her mouth and the intonations resembles that of an older sibling or a parent. The way our child responds to stress and unwanted moments, resembles that of someone he or she spends time with.

If we really contemplate that idea, we can see that even though every child comes into this world with a unique essence of sorts, everything that molds and forms them isn't unique at all - only something borrowed. So that being said, it means that our unique essence is actually buried underneath those borrowed parts.

Could it be that we keep passing down those borrowed parts generation to generation without knowing we are doing so? Could it explain the world that we are currently living in? A world where nothing new and true under the sun can be brought into it until the old borrowed parts are relinquished...

It's one thing to perhaps cook a meal for your family that your grandmother used to cook for you. It's another thing to speak to or treat your child (or anyone) as your parents or grandparents did you - the phrases and intonations used, the facial expressions given in disapproval, the acts of discipline enacted.

And what about blame? Is it possible that blaming others for our pain is something that has been passed down generation after generation without the slightest bit of questioning? Could we, by continuing to recycle wrong ideas, be creating a vicious life cycle that can't change?

We have to see that we are mechanical creatures left unto ourselves. We ARE our parents. We ARE our grandparents. We ARE our environment. We are comprised of old generational parts that need UPgrading.

But that UPgrading can't take place until we see ourselves as we be 100% truthful with ourselves about that very fact. Because until we can admit that, truthfully, we won't be able to invite higher help, the true UPgrading that needs to take place in order for anything in this world and ourselves to change.

We have to see how instantaneously something speaks for us. When it speaks for us, it always comes from something generational. We have to see how instantaneously we react. When we instantaneously react, it is always comes from something generational. When we blame someone for the pain that arises in us in any moment, it always comes from something generational.

If we all come into this world with a unique essence, why not work to sacrifice those generational parts of ourselves so that that "uniqueness" can express itself in this world, as was intended to be. Can you see how different this world might be if we just agree to make the necessary sacrifices for it? Can you see how beautiful the world might be if our unique expressions were allowed to express?

It's all up to us - the ones of us who wish for something higher, something richer, something deeper in this world. We are a rare few, but don't underestimate how the willingness of a few can truly impact the world.

Let us start here, right now...and help birth light into a new generation.

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