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From Upside Down to Right Side Up

If you are a parent, you most likely have read countless magazines and articles about parenting. It’s a natural thing for parents to want to do right for their kids, but when did we start turning to others for guidance on how to raise our own children?

It’s as though we have convinced ourselves that we are incapable of raising a decent human being. When did we start doubting ourselves and why? Or a better question to ask might be “Is it really we who are doing the doubting or is there something that we are unaware of, within us, that feeds us that doubt?”

Would Life ever give us anything that we are incapable of using and transcending in any given moment? The answer is no. That is the whole point of this Life. We are always given in each and every moment what we need to transcend our limitations. We wouldn’t be given what we need if we also weren’t given the capacity to transcend those very limitations.

The problem is that we come into this world with old hand-me-down beliefs that many don’t bother questioning. The most important belief that has gone unquestioned is that the voice that speaks to us (in our heads) in each and every moment is our very own voice (as I have stated many times in my blogs). We actually believe that we talk to ourselves.

What if I were to tell you that we don’t talk to ourselves. The truth is, the lower consciousness that we have been given the time in this life to transcend, talks to ITSELF. When our attention is placed on that conversation, it gives the illusion that it is we who are speaking and we who are listening to that dialogue.

But if we are "one" person, then how can there be (in our minds) a "dialogue spoken" and a "listener to that dialogue"? Wouldn't that imply two?

These are the type of things that we really need to start questioning about ourselves.

In errantly believing that we are that voice, we act on its prompting. It says things like “No matter what I do, my child doesn’t listen” or “I’m afraid of messing up my child's life”. The dialogue of commentary is endless. It comes from part of us that creates doubt because it can only live in conflict, being that its nature is a level of duality.

The bottom line here is that the lower conflicted consciousness always points the finger outward for seeking answers to our so-called problems, just as it points the finger of blame, anger and resentment at others for any negative state we are experiencing.

It’s all upside down.

True answers have always come from within and are given to us moment to moment. The caveat being that we must be present to receive them.

If the needs of every child differ moment to moment and if true answers are given to us from within moment to moment, how can any cookbook protocol on how to raise your child help you transcend the limitations that you alone are given by Life, God (call it what you will) to transcend in the moment given? The answer is, they can’t.

There is a part of us that likes to be told what to do by others. There is a part of us that likes regiment. There is a part of us that likes to follow a certain laid out structure. Those are the limited parts of us that need to be transcended.

We have to do a full “turnaround”. We have to work at being present. We have to learn to wait for the answers that we are in need of. This is no easy feat by any means, but it is the only way to turn this upside-down world right-side up.

We have to be willing to stand in the moment with a full and open honest heart and admit that we don’t know what to do. In that very admission, we agree to sacrifice the lower part of ourselves that we have taken to be who and what we are, the nature to which we have so blindly turned to for guidance since time millennia.

In making that sacrifice, we are given instruction by a higher consciousness that knows exactly what each and every individual in this world needs, moment to moment.

Through that act of sacrifice, we longer replicate ourselves through our children. Instead, we are made new, as our children are, in that moment. No parenting protocol can do that. Only Love can do that.

Image Courtesy of: Hoang Loc on Pexels

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