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Enemy or Friend?

Have you noticed that you can be friends with a certain person, appear to have no issues with them, and then suddenly you see them post something on social media that is totally against what you believe and just like that, it feels like you went from friend to enemy in the snap of a finger. That reaction isn’t limited to social media interaction. It takes place in any kind of interaction with others.

From that point on, every time your eyes lay on that person or their name is brought up in conversation, it’s as if you are like one of those wind socks you see in car dealership parking lot - - you suddenly take wind and stand straight up with a resounding “No!”

In those moments, a voice inside you ALWAYS instantaneous reminds you of what that person said or did that you didn’t like. Don’t you find that fascinating? It wasn’t you that called up that memory of what they said or did. Why would you do that to yourself? The mind just instantaneous calls it up and pushes and prods you to re-identify with it.

Here’s something we can question (as we always do in this blog): “Can what is true turn on itself?”

Our children go to school and this same kind of thing I laid out above happens on a different level. Johnny is Tommy’s friend until Tommy finds out that Johnny took a friend away from Tommy. Just like that, Johnny is Tommy’s enemy.

That is the current state of life on this planet. Things haven’t changed because our consciousness hasn’t changed. We may be older but we certainly aren’t wiser, for we wouldn’t see the violence and hatred we see playing out on the screen of our lives right now.

At what point are we going to get sick and tired of doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? What will it take?? Honestly, what will it take?

My cousin is somewhere around the age of 64. She unfriended me on Facebook because I made an honest comment that went against her strongly identified beliefs. Boom. I became the instant enemy just for saying what I felt.

But let’s dig deep here. Am I really her enemy, are we really each other’s enemy, or is there a hidden enemy that exists in each and every one of us that we aren’t aware of that points the finger outward at another to keep us in conflict?

There does exist an intimate enemy (as Guy Finley, a truth teacher, calls it) in each and every one of us. However, it is only an enemy until we understand it’s purpose. When we understand it’s purpose, it can become our friend because we can use it the way it was intended to be used.

When we don’t understand it’s purpose, it is used wrongly wherein we listen and do its bidding which can only result in creating division, destruction and chaos in our lives.

That enemy is a voice, a level of consciousness, that we hear speak to us in every moment. We have taken that voice to be who and what we are.

Let’s use my cousin as an example. When her eyes laid on what I wrote on her Facebook post, because she wasn’t present to herself in that moment and to the immediate resistance that arose in her with all the accompanying dialogue that goes with it (“I can’t believe you think that way, I’m right, you’re wrong, I’ll fix this by unfriending you”), the reaction and action taken came from that intimate enemy, which always results in further conflict, division and pain in our lives.

It wasn’t her taking an action. She was completely unaware of what was taking place inside of her – believing it to be her. She was simply an instrument of a lower level of consciousness in that moment that made the suggestion to unfriend me and then because she wasn’t there to oversee that process, that consciousness agreed to its very own suggestion.

Don’t you find that fascinating? I certainly do…The working of the mind is an incredible process!

Why is it so difficult to just let people be and feel the way that they do? God allows that, so why can’t we?

The only way we will ever truly agree to leave people alone and allow them to be what they are is when we will agree to start truly observing what is taking place in our mind moment to moment. Because when we do that, we see that it was never us that couldn’t leave people alone. It is a level of consciousness that uses our energy to “pick apart” the moment in favor of the continuity of itself.

This takes place because most of us aren’t aware of the proper purpose of an unwanted moment that seems to challenge our beliefs. When we don’t understand the proper purpose and use of that level of consciousness, then everything that manifests from it is upside down, inverted and the result is always unconscious pain.

We have to see for ourselves the action of this divided mind in order to want to separate ourselves from it. We have to see for ourselves how that old level of consciousness harms and doesn’t help. We have to see for ourselves that we remain stagnant in old beliefs when we listen to it’s guidance. That is the only way to start the separation process from it.

Then and only then can we properly use it in unwanted moments for the purpose for which it was given to us to be used –which is to be sacrificed in favor of something higher. That “something higher” is the only true friend we have in this world because that true friend can never turn on another because it understands that would be turning on itself.

Image courtesy of: Suraphat Nuea-on on Pexels

Exercise for the Week: See if you can catch the voice in you trying to make an enemy of another. Write down what it says. Write down as many of these comments as you can. Then ask yourself “Would something that is good, right and true want to create an enemy and division among its brothers and sisters. The answer is clear.

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