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Different Shades of Gray

What if we were to get rid of the word "depression" altogether and all of our ideas that we have about it, and consider "something new"? (As I typically like to do on this blog)

What if we were to realize that this world is simply made up of different shades of gray?

And what if we were to come to understand that even the lightest shade of gray (representing what we believe as having the possessions and powers we need for a happy and fulfilling life), is still a shade of gray? Why else would we feel more frustrated than fulfilled after achieving something we believed would make us happy?

"That sounds so grim - the idea that this world is simply shades of gray".

It's not grim! These shades of gray are only gray because they are devoid of light.

When we live only from "wanting" what is taking place in the moment or "not wanting" what is taking place in the moment, the shades of gray that compose our current life become darker.

How do they become darker?

They become darker when we resist what the moment is working to reveal to us, When we resist what the moment is asking us to see, we simply flip flop back and forth between wanting and not wanting. We never truly stand in the moment long enough to let the light in - which is the intended purpose of our life.

If we truly look at our lives currently, they are comprised of compulsive reactions upon compulsive reactions - positive or negative - based on what we want or what we don't want.

We never see that it is our very own reaction to the moment that defines the moment as being something that we want or don't want.

So, if what I am sharing is true, what is one to do?

Well, the answer isn't something any shade of gray within us wants to do, but it is something that we have to learn to do, and that is to learn to leave the moment alone.

"Leave the moment alone? Are you kidding me?" No, I'm not kidding you.

When we leave the moment alone, meaning, when we work to wait, watch and become fully aware of the shades of gray that are moving within us, this "space" of non-action allows the light to transform those shades of gray that can be transformed in no other way.

No drug can do this. No therapy can do this. It is an inside job and an inside job that is already properly ordered if we will just agree to do our part.

It's such good news because we now know that each and every one of us has a choice in the moment, a possibility to lighten the load of the different shades of gray within us and that comprise all of us, because we share one consciousness.

The shades of gray become darker only when something in us doesn't want them to be there.

So, what if, instead, we worked with those "shades" as being "energies" that are simply moving through us. Let those energies move through because if you do, they will die out because the actual "not touching" of them allows the light to transform them. It is the resistance to them that keeps them dark and alive.

Do that and watch your life change. As always, be the living example for your children or any child that is a part of your life. They need you to be a living example so that they may know of another possibility - that they don't have to label and identify with a shade of gray as being something negative to experience.

The shade of gray itself has never been the issue. The labeling and identifying with it is the only issue. The shades of gray want to hold onto themselves and the only way for them to hold onto themselves is through resistance which makes them unable to simply pass through naturally and be transformed by the light.

We always have a choice. It's just at times, it feels like we don't.

But as Guy Finley (a truth teacher) says "the feel is real, but the why is a lie."

Remember that.

Image courtesy of: Photo by Neil Rosenstech on Unsplash

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