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Considerations on Covid

I wanted to use this post as an opportunity to share some insights that I hope are helpful, another perspective to consider, relative to the increased fear this world is currently consumed by.

We as human beings, are creations first and foremost. However, as creations we are also endowed with the ability to create, to manifest things in our life that we’d like to do or have.

How does the art of manifestation work? We take what we wish to have in our lives and we feed it with our focus and attention. Thought creates through the energy that we give it by use of our attention.

Now take that very same idea – “Thought creates through the energy we give it by use of our attention.” What happens when our attention is focused time and time again on what we don’t want, such as getting sick with a virus?

The same holds true. When we agree to allow our attention to be placed on fear, on something that we don’t want, it is the same as asking for that very thing to manifest in our lives. We draw it to ourselves without knowing it.

I have shared over and over again in my blog the importance of being present to ourselves – of being aware when our attention is being co-opted by thought. This is the very reason why.

Let’s say you are cooking dinner for your family and you feel a tickle in your throat. The mind will immediately say something like “OMG, am I getting Covid? OMG OMG.” If we aren’t attentive to that thought, a train of associated thoughts will follow that initial one and before we know it, we are imagining ourselves in the hospital with a ventilator on fighting for our lives.

As well, the negative energy that we are identified with at that moment through that attention in thought, our children and husband around us are bathing in as well without even knowing it. It’s one field of energy that we all share.

I’m not intending to be religious here, but there is a bible passage that says “Resist Not Evil.” Guy Finley, a truth teacher defines that passage to mean “Do not oppose what opposes you.”

So how can we use that meaning to what I stated above relative to the Coronavirus?

When you find yourself lost in thought about the virus (or anything really), gently come back to the present moment. Do not freak out that you were taken away by a fearful thought, just notice it. Do that over and over and over again. Make that your life’s work.

This breaks old fear patterns within ourselves. As such, less of our energy will be given to the wrong part of us and instead will be used properly for our soul food that it was intended to be used for in the first place. It’s a beautiful thing really.

Always remember this same truth stated in another way that Guy Finley put into words: “As goes my attention, so comes my experience.” If we remember that, then we know and understand the importance of attending to the present moment.

The present moment holds all possibilities. The present moment properly directs us. The present moment is an eternal flow of Real Life.

Do not get discouraged when you see just how much of your time you spend your life in thought. Just notice it and work the best you are able to in being present. No effort goes unrewarded.

The one thing I want to add here. Focusing our attention on thoughts of “wanting to be healthy” or positive affirmations relative to health, is the same as “not wanting to be sick,” and in doing that, we create the opposite effect. We need to be careful and just simply observe our thoughts the best we are able to because harm is only done when we aren’t present to ourselves.

We need to simply attend to the present moment and let something above us guide us as to what to do from moment to moment.

Are you able to see how helpful this information can be not just in your everyday experience, but if you happen to get sick with a virus?

Remaining watchful of all the harmful, fearful thoughts during an illness (or any crisis) could actually present an entirely different outcome – if you are able to connect that with what I have shared.

Fear is only in favor of itself and does you no favor.

Remember that, and choose to favor presence instead.

Image courtesy of: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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