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Chain of Fools

Nobody likes to be called a fool, but the truth is, we are ALL unwitting fools.

Vernon Howard, a Christian Mystic, wrote:

"In the outer world, for example, the politician forcefully declares we must change our foreign policy in order to maintain international peace, while the other politician insists upon its retention. Both are foolish, for neither exterior action will change the warlike incliniations of un-regenerated human nature. People always fail to consider the concealed perversity of human beings, including themselves. Nothing good can happen on the international scale unless each individual changes himself from a parroting machine to a truly spiritual person."

That's a lot to swallow...

But when are we going to get tired of pretending to be something we're not? When are we going to get tired of glorifying ourselves when deep down inside we know the ugliness that sits in the deep recesses of our minds? Part of that ugliness is lying to ourselves about that very fact.

Nothing concealed can be healed. -- Guy Finley

As "ugly" as they may appear, we need to see the dark parts of ourselves instead of continuing to suppress and pretend they don't exist. The only reason those parts of us are dark is because they haven't been reconciled - or like Vernon Howard (above) put it - "They are un-regenerated parts of human nature." They need light so they can be transformed.

The chain of fools is the dark, unreconciled consciousness that we (and all our ancestors that came before us) live from. It is the consciousness that continues to birth fools because we continue to be fooled by it.

Guy Finley recently referred to the same idea as us coming into this world and living in a house that was built on an old, unstable foundation. We all live in houses built on old, unstable foundations. All of our ideas and beliefs ARE that old, unstable foundation that we call "our own", when that "foundation of ideas and beliefs" where already in place when we entered this world. As such, how can those ideas and beliefs possibly be "our own"?

And if they aren't "our own", then why do we need to pretend that they don't exist in us? Why do we keep pointing our fingers at others believing them to be "not like us - perfect in every way?" Foolish indeed.

We are all exactly the same whether we want to accept that or not. We are all fools in that chained consciousness. We all continually (albeit unconsciously) push away things that we don't want to see about ourselves.

We live from the very same foundation that tormented our ancestors and that is a current torment to each of us with dark thoughts about so-called "others". Haven't you noticed a pattern wherein those dark thoughts always place "you" on a pedestal above "others"?

It's the same foundation under each of our houses. It is the chain of fools since time millennia, that has consistently fooled us into believing that it is a true and stable foundation from which we should live, when that couldn't be further from the truth.

The house has to come down in order that a new foundation be built and a new relationship with Life founded. The house has to come down means that we have to stop pretending to be this "beam of light", this "highly spiritual person", this "nice human being" and instead let the real truth about ourselves humble us so that we reach instead for something higher, from that new foundation in our life.

For those of you who like scripture - "No one is good save the Father" means exactly what I am sharing here.

If you work with this as a parent, your child will then have a chance of unchaining from that chain of fools consciousness. They will have an opportunity to enter into Real Life because the foundation of their house will be a solid one made from Love and Wisdom and as such, that is what they will become the instrument of. They will have changed from a parroting machine to a true spiritual person, which is fulfilling the true purpose of their life.

There is no greater gift that you could give your child then to show them that there is in fact another way, another foundation that they can live from wherein there is no need to lie, to pretend or to cover-up anything, because no matter what happens in their life, that foundation will never crumble, nor will they, because the two are one and the same thing.

Photo by Jim Beaudoin on Unsplash

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