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Barking Up the Wrong Tree...

There are so many accusations that are thrown out in the world today. "You're a racist! You're a Xenophobe! You're a white supremist!" - just to name a few.

What is behind all of that name calling and finger pointing? Have you ever wanted to understand something more about it?

To understand it, we have to see how humanity is always "barking up the wrong tree."

Everything in this world has a root cause. The mind points to certain "things" as being the issue, however, the issue is really a cause common to all. The only way any true healing can take place is for it to take place at its root - to understand the workings of how negative manifestation takes place in this world.

When an unwanted event takes place in our lives, whether it be something our husband or child said that we didn't like or something happened that we didn't want to happen, what typically transpires in those moments is that the mind tells us what just took place. If we aren't present to ourselves, whatever the mind feeds us in that moment is identified with and then believed to be true. "He's a racist - I knew it."

But the lower consciousness (the part of our mind that believes it knows what the meaning of the moment is) can't know the meaning of any moment because the meaning of the moment is always new. The meaning that the lower consciousness gives us is always from old, past content. The true meaning of the moment is always revealed to us when we agree to sacrifice that lower consciousness that believes it knows everything, and wait instead for truth to be revealed by a higher part of ourselves..

As humanity is right now, we are all walking around listening to that lower consciousness tell us what is happening, why people are the way they are, why they did what they did. That is why you see what you see in the world right now. It is the result of barking up the wrong tree. The lower consciousness always points the finger outward as the cause of its pain. But IT is the source of pain it claims others are responsible for when we identify with what it is telling us.

Barking up the wrong tree means that we are errantly listening to answers that are given to us in the moment from an errant source. Where do those answers come from? Have you ever wondered?

Those answers come from past content stored deep within each and every one of us.

Have you noticed that it takes no effort whatsoever to instantaneously judge another, blame another, resent another? In the blink of an eye, we believe we know exactly what is taking place in each and every moment. It's quite astounding that in the blink of an eye, we instantaneously believe we know the motive and reason for everything. Sound a bit arrogant? Yes.

We have to find the root cause of anything in order for humanity to heal and change - to truly help our children in this world.

What if the root cause of all heartache and suffering in this world is that we have been barking up the wrong tree for millennia but just didn't know it? What if we have been errantly believing the voices in our heads to be our own? What if those voices really don't belong to us? Can you entertain that possibility?

What would that mean?

Could it mean that in identifying with that errant voice, we have unknowingly been harming others and ourselves? Could it mean that in that errant belief, we create the division and animosity we see taking place in the outer world? It's like in the Wizard of Oz - "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

But we must be aware of what that man behind the curtain is feeding us about the moment because that is where we are led astray. We are lead away from truth that is always working to reveal itself in the moment.

If that voice isn't ours, then what voice is, you ask?

To that I would simply say to work in each and every moment to consciously suffer the voice that wants you to believe it knows what is taking place, why he did this, why she said that. If we consciously suffer that voice and wait patiently, something higher will communicate with us the truth that is and always has been working to be revealed in each and every moment.

You will recognize that true communication, that oh small voice. You will remember that you have forgotten it. Its always been there. It's just that we have been so enamored by the man behind the curtain because it is effortless to go along with what it says is taking place.

True spiritual work takes effort. No effort, no grace. Plain and simple. Your choice and your choice alone.

Image courtesy of: Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

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