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Any Way the Wind Blows....

“Any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter, to me… to me.”

….A familiar lyric from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Such a poignant lyric. To me, the underlying message is saying that whatever Life brings to me, whether it be something I want or something I don’t want, it doesn’t really matter because underneath it all, all is well.

How can we live a life like that, and offer that life to our children – a life with an understanding that no matter what is taking place in the outer world, it can’t rock our inner one? No matter how cruel the comment made, no matter how financially restricted, no matter what seemed to be your friends or family have all disappeared from your life, none of it matters because you have an understanding that grounds you in something higher.

Would you trade a lottery ticket for that kind of understanding? I certainly would, because no money can buy that level of inner peace and inner well being.

That is why I persist with this blog, no matter how many subscribers. That is why I spend my free time working to learn more about the higher life that has been hidden from this world. There is nothing more important in this world to do because when we die, we can’t take any of our riches and possessions with us. As a matter of fact, most people who achieve what they believe would make them whole and happy in life end up saying “now what” after having done so. Why?

Because we never found out for ourselves what true peace and happiness is. We were told what it is and what we need to do in order to achieve it by a world that can know nothing of it.

True peace and happiness is a state of being that naturally occurs when we are fulfilling the purpose of our life. It is a moment to moment relationship with Life, with “what is”, and not with “what I’d prefer INSTEAD of what is”.

What our heart of hearts truly wants is to be happy and at peace with ourselves, and that can only be found through an inner relationship with Life.

When we agree to fully accept the unwanted moments in life, we agree to fulfill the purpose of our life. The work that is done on ourselves in those accepting moments is the only thing that we can take with us when we pass from this world. Wouldn’t it be a good thing to put that work first, instead of focusing on powers and possessions that will pass with the body?

When I first met Guy Finley and became a student at his truth school, I was humbled at the dedication level of his life, the giving of it. That kind of dedication is admirable. Even though I thought it admirable, there was a part of me back then that said “No way could I give up my life like that.”

Well here I am 8 years later, and I totally understand not only the beauty in that kind of sacrifice, but the necessity of it. No matter how “successful” I may become in this world, it matters not if it was all at the cost of my soul, the whole purpose that my life was given to me for.

We spend so many years of our lives yelling at the wind for blowing the wrong way, never realizing that wanting the wind to blow another way is the same as asking it to blow harder and more fiercely.

We can enjoy our time here on earth and we should. However, during that enjoyment we should always be aware of ourselves and what part of ourselves we are living from in each and every moment. Are we proliferating an old part of ourselves or are we sacrificing that old part in favor of something new?

We can then do the things that we enjoy doing, and at the same time let go of those old parts of us that are trying to direct the way the wind blows all the time.

The wind will blow the way it needs to blow in order for each of us to receive the blow we need to the part of us that only wants what it wants and not what Life does.

A student asked Vernon Howard (a Christian mystic) “How have others succeeded?” Vernon answered: “Every person who has succeeded in the inner quest did so by passing a certain kind of test. The test was a willingness to bear uncertainty, to permit the winds of Reality to blow away his carefully constructed psychological securities. Then, on the bare ground, he saw the creation of something truly certain.”

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Exercise for the Week:See if you can catch yourself trying to stop the way the wind is blowing… meaning, trying to change “what is” into “what you want it to be.”

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