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"Alexa, Who Sings This Song?"

Ask Alexa. Google it. Whatever question you have, there is an instant answer waiting for you. All you have to do is ask....or type in the search bar.

Easy peasy lemon squeezie. No real effort required. It's all there just waiting for you to ask the question. A fully loaded database at your beck and call.

Funny, our mind is just like Alexa - let me explain.

In the outer world, it is portrayed as two things - A "person" asking the question and then "Alexa" (or google) providing the answer. In our minds, however, it is actually one thing appearing as two, which some call the divided mind.

Here is an example of what I am speaking of: (Our mind - inner talk) "Why did he just say that?" (the question) "Oh, he's such a moron, he always says things like that, just ignore him." (the answer). It's the same mind asking the question and the same mind answering itself. It answers itself from the content of its database, which is stored past experience that hasn't been reconciled.

Every outer event that takes place in our lives raises a question in our minds that is then immediately answered by the same mind asking the question. "Oh No! - What am I going to do now?" (the question) - "Not sure, but we'll figure it out." (the answer). It's funny really that our minds often use the word "we". Who's we?

If you can see it, that is why there is never anything new that takes place in this world. The lower mind draws questions and answers from the content of itself, from past experience, and that past experience is a closed-system database. A loop. A circle. That is why things come around again, and a part of us recognizes that "I've been here before."

Alexa can't play a song that isn't a part of her pre-programmed database. In the same respect, in living from the lower mind, no action or response to the moment can be anything truly new because the action and response comes from and is limited to the content of that mind's pre-programmed database of past experience.

So, what is one to do to bring something new into this world if that mind is a closed system?

The mind that is a closed system is sometimes referred to as "the lower mind" (as I previously stated). There is a "higher" mind that exists, and that higher mind is the real database that we want to align ourselves with and "tap into" in every moment possible. That database isn't a database like we think of databases. It contains the whole of Life - every possibility.

When we are in alignment and present with that higher mind, answers are given to us that serve not only us, but greater humanity. The difficulty in aligning ourselves with that higher mind is that the lower mind has been our God and guide for so long that it has become our default way of life.

And since we've given it that authority unknowingly for eons, it always rushes to answer the moment with the content of itself - because that's what it's always done and we've allowed it to do. In other words, it always works to steal the possibility of us seeing and bringing something new into the world. That's its job.

But if we now know that that thievery is always working, moment to moment, to steal our possibilities, then what we need to learn to do is to work instead to wait patiently for that lower mind to bring up its answer (because it always will). In waiting, we will feel the pressure and prodding of that nature and the temptation to agree with it once again. That's part of the waiting process. The pushing and prodding will happen.

But when we don't agree to respond with its answer (telling us what to do and what the event means), when we wait for that turmoil to settle, lo and behold, there is a real answer waiting for us - like the fog lifting that reveals the sunny skies.

There is a true Alexa in each and every one of us that has all the answers to what ails us. So, why are we wasting time asking "others" for answers when those answers can only come from a closed system, from an old past database?

No wonder so many of us are bored stiff, depressed, anxious, angry, violent. Those characteristics are meant to be transcended, risen above and seen for what they are, which is to see that a part of us prefers the comfort of easy peasy, lemon squeezie answers. It prefers the strong feelings of ourselves as being wronged, anxious, depressed and angry.

That's the old database that you can live from until the day you die. And if you do, your life will have been for nothing, because we were put on this earth to transcend that earthly nature, that lower mind.

It's all up to you. Teach your children wisely, otherwise, that old database will remain theirs as well.

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